The CastCamp FAQ

Unfortunately, the cast camp wont take place in February as it was initially planned. But it is not cancelled, only shifted to Autumn. We are currently looking for a new date late this year and push it out to you as soon as available. Stay safe and sound!

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2016-05 llc – CastFest

I broke my tibia and fibia and got this hughe restrictive full leg cast. This is my first #fibercast with #glow in the dark! Its really amazing and I had lots of fun takting the pix. I could not reach the floor with my toes because the angle in the knee was really restrictive. I  had to use #underarm #crutches all the time. And I went to the annual party and met lots of interesting new and known caster on that #CastFest!

14 Jan 2021: xxx pix added

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2004-02 llc

For sure one of my masterpieces! The #plastercast #llc made by 4 friends! The casting itself was great being wrapped up by so many people. And the result was a really perfect smooth and shapy leg cast. Not thick and clumpy at all! I really love those casts. My best long leg cast ever!

14 Jan 2021: videos recovered

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2016-08 slwc

My broken ankle in a green short leg cast. This #Helm├╝ walking cast is done with a special heel to take off and put on again. Walking feeling is really great with this #walkingheel !And you can take it off before going to bed and convert the #slwc into a #slc . Did lots of kilometer in this walking cast!

13 Jan 2021: more pix added

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