2014-07 slwc

I was invited to a birthday party and I was hardly thinking not going, because of my broken ankle packed in a #black cast. I got a #castshoe on for walking but it hurted a lot and I could hardly walk in this short leg cast. But in the end I decided to go and have a glass on champagne and all the pain was forgotten and I spent all day in the hammock with my #slwc and no one knew, that this was a rec #fibercast.

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2014-07 slwc 01


2013-01 slc DK

Our annual #CastFestDK with lots of caster meeting for a snowy week in the very north of Denmark! I had the chance of wearing an #orange #slc and my blue and yellow #crutches! But we had many more #fibercast in our holiday houses like #lats and #llc and a #sss aswell on my best friend! I also applied lots of cast on other cute guys! Enjoy!!!


2015-09 llc

After an achilles tendon rupture I got his heavy restrictive full leg cast with 90 degree angle in my knee and pointing down foot. It was heavy to walk with since I couldn’t even touch the ground with my toes. I had to hop around on #crutches all the time! I chose signal #red as color for this #fibercast #llc to publick together with a fellow caster in southern Germany for a long weekend.

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