2015-11 slwc lac

After a heavy skateboard accident, I broke my left arm and leg! Got a #yellow short leg walking cast and a #blue full arm cast. Could hardly walk in this #slwc with #walkingheel and a #toeplate to protect my long toes. Never the less I had lots of fun with those casts and went out a lot with my BrokenLeg and BrokenArm in thick and heavy #fibercast being completely immobilised on my left side! I really spent a great weekend with my both limbs casted #combo and got a visit from an other caster!

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2006-01 sss

Got this massive hughe restrictive shoulder cast after a surgery of my left shoulder. Could do anything with my left arm. It just was sticking all the time in front of my nose and it was really hard to come around. Even dressing was impossible, so I was half naked all the time, although all my torso was coverd by this #blue #fibercast #sss.

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