2018-01 llc

Accidental tourist with a #brokenleg on #crutches visiting Brussels and Lowen. With a fellow caster we had a great time in this #LLC and we saw lots of great sights with my #legcast. It was a great adventure and I say a big thanks to my fellow caster friend for this spontaneous and exciting adventure with lots of publicking!

08 May 2020: more pix added

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2018-06 llc

My #blue #fibercast #llc with #crutches for our second #CastFest with 3 Caster in northern Germany! I did the travel casted with public transport and got lots of staring on my huge wrapped leg! With the angle in my knee, I could hardly touch the ground with my toes so I had to use crutches all day long. Was an exciting weekend with my cast mates!

13 Apr 2020: new adventure online

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2014-05 llc dlats – CastFest

We had a little #CastFest in southern Germany with 5 gay caster. I travelled through the whole republic with a #blue #LLC and #Crutches to meet the other there and get some more casts. Find here now as first teaser some shots of my tight #fibercast and the arrival at the holiday house.

Then, we tried to do a #dss but had to cut it down to a #dlats. And I stayed in this dual #lats #combo for the whole weekend!

14 Mar 2020: adventure recovered

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