2014-07 slwc

I was invited to a birthday party and I was hardly thinking not going, because of my broken ankle packed in a #black cast. I got a #castshoe on for walking but it hurted a lot and I could hardly walk in this short leg cast. But in the end I decided to go and have a glass on champagne and all the pain was forgotten and I spent all day in the hammock with my #slwc and no one knew, that this was a rec #fibercast.

24 Feb 2020: x-pix added

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2011-03 sats

Broken thumb. Casted hand. Went on a holiday trip with some friends. Had lots of fun. Drank lots of beer – was able to hold the glass with the casted arm. Smoked a pipe – was able to hold the pipe with the short arm cast. Had lots of fun with this #black #fibercast #sats

28 Jan 2020: more pix added

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