2022-06 lats

An exciting #CastFest with a total of 5 caster! We spent a long weekend at the sea side and had some great days with publicking outside. But there was also some medical and bondage play inside. I decided to wear a restrictive #lats with palm-up tuned hand to reduce the possibility of using my right hand. Enjoy with me this #glow in the dark #armcast!

31 Jul 2022: xxx videos added

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2023-07 lats

An exciting adventure with a #plastercast #lats applied by a cute fellow caster as #AccidentalTourist in mid Germany. I had an exciting long weekend with a couple of friends and lots of signature collections. We did our drink ordering also via the cast with was a lot of fun for the waiter, who also signed the cast in the end.

10 Jul 2023: new adventure

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