2017-09 llc – CastFest

A little #CastFest with a fellow caster for a sexy twosome weekend in a lonely house. I got a #blue #llc with #underarm #crutches and my mate went into a blue #fibercast #llwc with #walkingheel and additionally a #lats on his right side. I think, we had a very exciting weekend together and lots of fun…

12 May 2023: videos added

More Pix

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Some #videos of this adventure

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Enjoy some #xxx rated pictures

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  • Gay Skater, I have followed you for some time. What I see you do I can only dream and drool about. I have loved the pics very much. I had wanted to write but played chicken. I have very much wanted to be in a cast-fest with you. Alas, the money has prior demands. Dreams like this do not get funded. I am much older than you but I still have my fantasias. I think I have read that you are into computers for work. What I know about them is dangerous to the machine. I envy your ability to have your fantasy. I should have asked how your are in German but that too is ancient history.

    • gay-skater-caster

      Hi my dear and thanks for your lines! Dont let the dream be a dream only. Let your dreams become true!!! You’ll enjoy it a lot, trust me. It’s just one step…

      • How can you tell your old; When everything that works hurts and everything that don’t work….Still hurts. Unfortunate for me that is a true statement. I had a Lac in junior high and loved it. However when you use both hands it infringes upon a great many things. I still drool and dream of casts. If I ever had the opportunity I think I would come. Cast on my friend and have a lot of fun, I do so enjoy looking and then have a daydream and smile. Many grateful thanks.

  • Jim O'Biliz aka Dual_LLC

    Thanks for sharing with us that wonderful adventure … so sexy.

  • amazing as most of Your stories…. i wish i could live a same situation with you

  • Michael Grobbel

    You lucky guy.

  • Ian Wheeler

    Looks fantastic, as does your buddy.

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