2023-07 lats

An exciting adventure with a #plastercast #lats applied by a cute fellow caster as #AccidentalTourist in mid Germany. I had an exciting long weekend with a couple of friends and lots of signature collections. We did our drink ordering also via the cast with was a lot of fun for the waiter, who also signed the cast in the end.

10 Jul 2023: new adventure

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2004-02 llc

For sure one of my masterpieces! The #plastercast #llc made by 4 friends! The casting itself was great being wrapped up by so many people. And the result was a really perfect smooth and shapy leg cast. Not thick and clumpy at all! I really love those casts. My best long leg cast ever!

14 Jan 2021: videos recovered

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2000-09 llc slc lafts

My first #combo of casts I ever did was this #llc #slc and #lafts adventure. All 3 casts were made  of good old heavy and thick #plastercast ! This was also the first time I met an other fellow caster who put me in those sexy casts and took care of me. What a great long weekend… Unfortunatelly this was long long before digital cameras became popular, so only 2 pix are available of this great sesseion.

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