2016-01 dlac DK

During our annual #CastFestDK I tried to put on some really cozy sox with my richt arm stuck in a heavy thick #plastercast #lac! Watch out, how professional and green OP dressed we are preparing my great immobilization of my two arms in a #dlac!

05 Feb 2018: pix added

The Pix

The Videos

#Download full length video: https://payhip.com/b/zpHx

Fleece Socks and a Plaster Arm Cast

Broken Arm in Plaster Cast

Two Broken Arms in Pastercasts

Putting on Tube Socks with 2 Broken Arms in Full Arm Casts

Good Old Plaster Arm Cast

Presinding my Broken Arm in a Plaster Cast Arm Cast in a short #video

The X-Pix

2016-01 dlac – xxx


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