2018-10 hs

An exciting #CastFest with me in a 1,5 #hs during and 2 other cute caster around me! This was really an impressive weekend in a such an asymmetric #hipSpica. I loved this cast a lot and it was quite easy to move in it in our home. Many thanks to my cast mates who made this adventure possible to me.

14 Apr 2020: new adventure online!

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2015-10 fbc

The biggest cast I ever wore: 2 fellow caster put me into a #blue full body cast #fbc!!! This #fibercast housing was absolutely restricting and I was unable to do anythind for the whole 3 days from Friday to Sunday! I really had a great time in this cast unable to do anything. They took care of me and it was perfect. Very comfortable for both, sitting and lying!

26 Mar 2020: adventure recovered

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