2016-10 minerva – CastFest

First time ever that I was put into a fucking hot #minerva cast! It was a great feeling not capable to move my head anymore and looking helpless out of a #green #fibercast head encasement! Its impressive, how restrictive such a casted neck can be! Thanks to my cast mate to wrap me up during our #CastFest

22 May 2024: videos added

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Enjoy some #xxx rated pictures

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  • 299/5000
    Absolutely cool cast set. This is a nice green minerva cast. I can only agree with you that it gets hot in such a cast, I had to wear a minerva cast myself after a spine op. At that time I didn’t like the cast, but today I would like to wear such a cast again.

    • gay-skater-caster

      well, my dear. hope you are fine again! and so: take such a cast again and enjoy!!!

  • Alex (Orthofan on FetLife)

    Hi Daniel,

    I tried sending you an email but had an automated resins saying your server had rejected it.

    I was about to incept a subscription but am worried as to how I could stop the recurring payment if I wanted to in future. Can you advise how a cancellation is actioned?


    • gay-skater-caster

      Hi Alex

      Sure, there are 2 possibilities: Either you cancel it via PayPal or via my website. Both works fine. You’ll find the cancel button on the membership account page:

      Best regards

      • Hi Daniel,

        Thanks for your rapid response. I have set up an account and recurring subscription via PayPal. However, when I came to log into your website using my registration details, it said it didn’t recognise them. I tried three times and can confirm that I DEFINITELY DID enter the correct username and password. Cany ou advise further?


        Alex (Orthofan)

        • gay-skater-caster

          I had a quick loog into the user list but cant find your mail address there, neither username. Can you please send me the PayPal transaction ID via email to: mail@gay-skater-caster.de Then I’ll cancel your subscription manually.

          • Alex (Orthofan)

            Its not showing up in Paypal either (I hate Paypal – just don’t trust it). I’m reluctant to register and pay again though in case two transactions go through.

          • gay-skater-caster

            Well, if I dont find you in the users in my list and you dont find monthly transactions in PayPal… May it be that you have not registered to my site and not booked any membership? I mean, PayPal pulls the money (max 4 USD) on a monthly basis. So its quite easy to find. And I’ve no problem to return you any money afterwards.

  • JediKnightCaster

    Good lord it made me hard instantly

  • Hot n horny

  • Gigi Itabracer

    WOW Minerva cast is the absolute best for me!!!

  • Nero Corleone

    Ein superschöner Cast. Geil. Wie lange darf er bleiben?

  • carl willis

    Wow that’s amazing and looks great

  • John Torrence

    Super hot. I know you have more pics and possibly a video?

  • Savcast Catalans

    so cool!

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