2013-08 crutching

Hopping around on #crutches with only a socked foot. No weight on my left foot. Just a skaterboy sock on it. Did lots of kilometer hopping around and having dinner at different restaurants. People were really nice to me and gave me a chair to rest up my swollen ankle.

11 Jul 2017: video added

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2016 Cast Review

Time to sum up the year 2016 and have a little review on the past months.

  • I had 14 different casts
    • 4 arm casts
    • 9 leg casts
    • 1 torso cast
  • I had 3 adventures with braces and crutches
  • I spent 71 nights casted
  • I “earned” 95 cast points (casted joints per night)

Since the start of my “cast carreer”

  • I had 129 casts
  • I spent 779 nights in cast
  • I achieved 1102 cast points

If you have a statistic fetish, have a look into the gallerie, and if not, scroll down to the video and see my cast summary of 2016!

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