2016-05 llc

I broke my tibia and fibia and gut this hughe restrictive full leg cast. This is my first #fibercast with glow in the dark! Its really amazing and I had lots of fun takting the pix. I could not reach the floor with my toes because the angle in the knee was really restrictive. I  had to use #underarm #crutches all the time. And I went to the annual www.cast-shop.de party and met lots of interesting new and known caster!

15 Nov 2017: pix added

The Pix

The Videos

Broken Leg in a Full Leg Cast Rested Up un a Chair

Live Broadcast of my Full Leg Cast

Live Video of my Long Leg Cast

Life Broadcast of my Fully Casted Leg

Live Video of my Full Leg Cast

Broken Leg Broadcast from the Bed

Full Leg Cast with Underarm Crutches

Broken leg video broadcast summary


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