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The #CastCamp 2025 will take place from 01 Feb 2025 to 08 Feb 2025 at Denmark’s North Sea region Blåvand.

After the camp is before the camp! We set the date for the next Cast Camp in 2025! We hope, this gives you enough time to adjust your planning an join the biggest #CastFetish event in the world! We shall go to mid Denmark to the west coast of the North Sea and the region is called Blåvand. Start date is 01 Feb 2025!

The Cast Camp takes place now since 2007 and is celebrated every year in the first quarter of every year for one whole week. This camp will be an international one and if you are interested in joining, you’ll find here the answers to the frequently asked questions.

When does it take place?

The next Cast Camp will take place from 01 Feb – 08 Feb 2025.

Where does it take place?

As always, it will be in southern Denmark. Since the date is absolutely off-season and we are more or less in the country side, there wont be lots of people watching us. Usually is quite lonely and quiet.

The destination region in Denmark is Blåvand in Mid-Denmark at the North Sea coast.

The Region of Blavand in Mid-Denmark.

The exact location of the first or “main” or biggest house is here and as you can see a bit aside of the town with practically no direct neighbors.

The second house, rented by a fellow caster, is located here, just 5 crutching-minutes away. And incredibly, there is a house number three here which is only 5 minutes by car! House number 4 is again really close to the big house 1. Not stopping here, house number 5, the international one, is also very near by!

Can we do it somewhere else?

Sure! Feel free to organize it where ever it is suitable for you. I’ll try and attend if it’s in Europe.

How much does it cost?

The average price in the past was around 350 – 400EUR per person for the whole week depending on the house (the ones with pool are more expensive than without). This included: food, drinks (including alcohol), rent for the house, final (!) cleaning of the house and energy (electricity, wood, oil). The house is usually equipped with: chimney, whirlpool/hot tub, sauna. Sometimes there is also a swimming pool.

Not included is: the travel from your home to the house and the cast equipment.

Can I join? Where to apply? How does it work?

You are welcome to join! Actually there is no official way to apply. The way the cast camp works is as follows: An individual person finds a couple of other caster who are willing to join. This person collects some money from his future house mates. This person rents a house in the dedicated area. We all will have lots of fun!

So, the cast camp is not a hotel with a reception where you can book a room or cast. It is self-organized!

Usually, we have 2 or 3 houses which are more or less fully booked. So there is always a chance to get a single bed in an already existing community, but it is not guaranteed. And yes, you need a lots of confidence to push 400EUR to someone whom you don’t know! But on the other hand: someone needs to book the house and such a house is quite expensive if you have to pay it alone.

But in the end, we never had to leave someone alone at home who was willing to join. So we’ll always find a solution!

Got a bed in an other house? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Basically, there are always a couple of houses in walking (crutching) distance from each other so that everyone can visit everyone for a coffee or beer or party or casting or or or…

Every house is responsible for its own meals and beverages – so if you don’t know the other people in your house I would recommend to make a video-call beforehand to get to know each other a bit better. It also may help to synchronize with all your casting plans of your house mates. Mobility is somehow important, since you may need to go for grocery shopping or visit other houses if yours is not in crutching distance.

The first house is booked and it’s this tiny little one: click. House number two is also confirmed and only a few minutes far away here. And there is finally a big house number three located here.

In case, this house is already full, you may book one of those: this one for 5 people, this for 8, another one for 8 caster, that one also for 8 or that one for 6 people.

Is it gay? Straight? Mixed?

It’s queer and kinky! We started in 2007 with 2 mixed houses with gents and ladies. Over the years, things got separate a bit to 1 pink (gay) house and 1 or 2 smaller mixed / straight houses. Then we had 1 big mixed house again. So it is up to you.

What happens in Denmark?

First of all: What happens in Denmark, stays in Denmark!

Obviously, we do lots of casts! But in the last years, we also started to have some bondage and SM fun as well. We cook together, we chat together, have drinks and we use the spa facilities. And yes, we also go out for publicking and sightseeing.

There are a couple of events together with all houses:

  • The official start of the cast camp with a beer at the beach on Saturday.
  • The second event is the usually the presentation of the annual music wish disc (details will follow) on Monday.
  • And on Wednesday the half-way-party.
  • Sometimes at the last evening there is also a common dinner with all food left-overs.

When ever you come across of another house: just step in for a coffee or a beer. Everyone is welcome in every house at every time!

Can I have an FBC?

Sure! Feel free to have every cast you want! There will be enough helping hands and curious people that will wrap you from nose to toes. An FBC is not a common cast – even not at the camp! And of course you’ll get lots of exciting pictures!

But please, organize your nurse(s) of your house before! Don’t expect the others to feed you or wipe your ass. Sure everyone will help you but it is important to have your primary nurse who will take care of you in any situation.

And keep also in mind, that everyone shall contribute to the daily house work like cooking and cleaning. You might not do that every day but maybe once or twice in the week. You have to check with your house mates when its your turn or wether your nurse takes over your work.

And keep in mind: May be you will not be able to take part in some common events, if you cannot be moved to the other house.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate and use the comment function of the site. You’ll get an answer from me for sure!

Wanna join?

If you want to join, but you are still homeless, then drop me a line. I’ll add you to the list of homeless caster and you may get in contact with others, so you can rent an additional house!

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