2020-08 Happy Summer Holiday

I wish you a happy summer holiday with lots of sun and maybe a hot cast at the beach and a sex on the beach cocktail. Or even not only the drink… And the most important thing: Stay safe and sound!

I shall be off for 2 weeks now, so there wont be any updates in this period. But after my summer break, I’ll continue.

The CastCamp FAQ

Good news, my friends of rigid bandages! We finally set a new date for the Cast Camp in Autumn! We hope, this gives you enough time to adjust your planning and the world to get mostly rid of the pandemic. So if everything goes well, we shall go to mid Denmark exactly 9 months later than initially planned. Start date is now 30 Oct 2021!

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Welcome to The Gay-Skater-Caster 4.0


After many years of casting activity and posting my pix for you public in the web, I now present you the fourth iteration of my website!

Welcome to my site in version 4.0!

You will now find the latest website technology with a hughe groth potential! Now I hope to be prepared for the future. So, whats new?

  • The layout is now fully responsible, which makes it easier for you to watch my pix on the phone or tablet.
  • The comment function changed a bit, you can leave your comments now for every cast adventure.
  • You can rate every cast adventure with a thumb up or down (hopefully the first one).
  • The most important thing: The connection is encrypted via https!

Currently, not all content from the old site is migrated to the new. So in the next days there will be a lot of re-publish of old content. But feel free to enjoy with me the old times. And of course, new stuff is coming aswell!

And now it is your turn: Please comment and give me your feedback!


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