2023 Year Review

Dear fellow Caster

An exciting year came to an end and its time to wish you a Casted Christmas and a Kinky New Year! If you want, I’ll take you on a crutch through my casted year 2023…

Some facts and figures from the year 2023:

  • 9 cast adventures
    • including 2 accidental tourist escapes
    • including the famous #CastCamp and 5 other cast fests with fellow caster
  • 49 days in cast (actually, it’s nights in cast, so even more days…)
    • including 1 term cast of more than 2 weeks
  • 57 cast points (casted joints per night)

My lifetime statistics are now by end of 2023:

  • 189 cast adventures
  • 1101 nights in a cast
  • 1570 cast points

This is the compilation of all adventures:

And a quick video crutch through the past year:

And finally some charts:



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