2015-10 fbc

The biggest cast I ever wore: 2 fellow caster put me into a #blue full body cast #fbc!!! This #fibercast housing was absolutely restricting and I was unable to do anythind for the whole 3 days from Friday to Sunday! I really had a great time in this cast unable to do anything. They took care of me and it was perfect. Very comfortable for both, sitting and lying!

04 Sep 2020: xxx pix added

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  • hello great FBC!!!!!! I loved being in it, it must be super comfortable!!!!!!! I’m even jealous !!!!! esc what you could do a complete video to know how you do your FBC If once you go to the south of France you can come to my house to do castings is bc of xxx!!!!!!

  • Hello, I would really appreciate it if you would make a full video on learning how to do your FBC. I would also like us to meet to do an FBC together and do xxx between gays. Besides, it must be very comfortable to be in it, I would also like to be in it. Great FBC. I even get jealous when someone is available to do FBC and gay xxx. I am available in France

  • Das ist ja Mega, sowas würde ich auch mal gerne machen. Das ausgelieferte und die Hilflosigkeit machen sowas immer besonders interessant finde ich.

  • Hello from Germany!
    I am a diaper lover and I like bondage. A full body cast is the ultimate bondage and I would love to be the kinky nurse to change your diaper! I am sure you had a great time!

    • gay-skater-caster

      Hi Brigitte! Thanks for this kind offer for my really exciting adventure. Next time I’ll take you into account. And maybe also others are interested in such an exciting adventure!!!

  • i was to be put in a fbc for a weekend here in fla, an a set date , but for some reasion i put it off , got the casters mad at me over something so we dropped it , and so i put all my casting supplys in the trash , , then when my cast date came up, the 2nd day i was to be in my fbc i had a masof heart attack and died for 16 secs,, thak god i wasnt in that fbc,,,,,

  • Do you live in the US if so can you please put me in a cast like that

  • why didnt you get your socks casted inside instead of stretching them over the feet i would of had them wrap my socked feet

    • gay-skater-caster

      Actually, I dont like it at all having a sock casted inside. I prefer it wearing over the cast (yes, stretched) and with the possibility to take it off.

  • Hello! I am from Hong Kong! You site is really nice! May I know how long you can full body cast with the foley catheter?
    Would like to make friend with you and have fun!

    • gay-skater-caster

      Hello eastwards! Well, I was in the FBC for 3 days and had the catheter in for the same period. This was without any problem at all!

  • Mega, da hätte ich auch gerne ein wenig die Pflege übernommen und für deine Entspannung gesorgt 😉
    Was sind denn das für coole Adidas White Sox?

  • Geiles Objekt

  • This is a realy cool cast. I like this kin of cast. I want to wear this cast also, must be very greate to wear this cast.
    Great Job on this cast.

  • Please have videos for a FBC!!! Would love to see you move around in one.

    • gay-skater-caster

      two problems: first – in a FBC, you cant move. second – we didnt take any (!) videos :o(

  • Johnny sing

    How would you ever have sex of have personal fun time in that thing. oh and by the way great cast i would love to be in that myself and have sexual intercourse in that

  • Hipspica0815

    This FBC is the best I ever saw of you. It must be very exiting to be in it. Do you have some videos or more applying pictures of it.

    • gay-skater-caster

      Thank you my dear! This was one of the most exciting casts I’ve ever had… Unfortunately we didn’t take any videos, just a few xxx pix that will be recovered, soon!

  • John Smith

    What happened to the xxx pics

    • gay-skater-caster

      Sorry, had to remove them to get Ads working again. Server costs are horribly high and I need something for compensation…

  • Eunice Wanjiku

    love to get you in!

  • Would love that to be done to me so horny from watching

  • carl willis

    Wow that’s massive looks good good picture

  • James Caster

    Yay…super hot.

  • Mark Mello

    I wish I could be casted like that.

  • absolutely amazing

    • gay-skater-caster

      Yes, my dear, it was an unforgettable adventure! and a big thanks to my 2 caster!

  • Tommy Caster

    really impressive!

  • lovetapebondage

    How long did you wear that for?

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