short leg cast (#SLC), short leg walking cast (#SLWC), long leg cast (#LLC), long leg walking cast (#LLWC)

2016-06 slwc

Got this gay #pink short leg walking cast with cool blue cozy padding inside after breaking my ankle. Its a walking cast with a #castshoe . To protect my very long toes, there is a cure #toeplate with also blue padding. They look like a birthday present sticking out of this #slwc

30 Mar 2020: adventure recovered

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2016-05 llc – CastFest

I broke my tibia and fibia and gut this hughe restrictive full leg cast. This is my first #fibercast with glow in the dark! Its really amazing and I had lots of fun takting the pix. I could not reach the floor with my toes because the angle in the knee was really restrictive. I  had to use #underarm #crutches all the time. And I went to the annual party and met lots of interesting new and known caster on that #CastFest!

28 Mar 2020: adventure recovered

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