2023-07 lats

An exciting adventure with a #plastercast #lats applied by a cute fellow caster as #AccidentalTourist in mid Germany. I had an exciting long weekend with a couple of friends and lots of signature collections. We did our drink ordering also via the cast with was a lot of fun for the waiter, who also signed the cast in the end.

10 Jul 2023: new adventure

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2015-07 llc

Had a grave knee injury and thus I had to wear this #blue full leg cast for a week. I was on #crutches all the time and was not able to hit the ground with my sexy long toes. My knee was immobilized in a #fibercast and I went out to have fun every sunny day in this hot restrictive #llc

03 Jul 2023: xxx video added

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2023-06 llc

An exciting #CastFest with a fellow caster, where we decided to go in partner look with a #red #90degree #llc each. And of course, we had matching clothes on as well. We were an eye catcher for lots of people and we were asked by others more than ever before! It was an exciting weekend at the sea side with lots of relaxing moments in the sun…

19 Jun 2023: new adventure

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