2016-12 slc

The good old St. Nicholas brought a cast boot! With this #green #slc I was lucky to hop around the world on #crutches for 6 full days! Did a lot of sightseeing in Hamburg including the new city landmark Elbphilharmonie. Both really impressive: my sexy broken leg in a cast and the building in the background. Also went to the sea-side as #AccidentalTourist for a spa weekend with whirlpool and sauna.

30 Jan 2024: videos added

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2023-12 sats

The time “between the years” is always an exciting time and thus I had a small but exciting #sats with a very special color of #glow in the dark! Perfect #fibercast wrap of my #brokenWrist for New Years eve and some more days. I was lucky to wear and show this cast by day and night for a whole week!

23 Jan 2024: new adventure online

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