2017-01 slwc

The year 2017 starts with a broken leg in a #green cast! What a great beginning… Its winter, it has snown and I go out for a walk in this #slwc. The #castshoe protects my toes from getting wet and I’ve got to wear a sock over my #fibercast to keep my foot warm. But in the end, I take a hot bath and hold my casted #brokenLeg up!

18 Mar 2018: video added

2006-12 slwc

Thick and heavy #fibercast #slwc with #toeplate and #walkingheel after a realy bad ankle fracture! It was december and I visited some caster friends in mid Germany for the traditional German Weihnachtsmarkt. We drank lots of hot wine and had really lots of fun in publicking and taking pictures in this bright #orange fluo ScotchCast!

2005-10 vacoped

Because of a sprained anke I had to wear this fancy #vacoped #walker to heal my ankle. Never the less it was a great weekend in Hamburg! Thanks, I havn’t had a broken ankle!

2005-11 slc

A sunny november weekend. Ideal weather to go out with my broken leg and crutch a but around with ma short leg cast. Got this cast for several days and was not allowed to put weight on my left foot. Had to hop around on #crutches. It was a bit cold and I wore a woolen sock over my long toes sticking out of the #white #fibercast #slc.

2015-11 slwc lac + x-pix

Watch me jerking off in my #brokenleg and #brokenarm combo and enjoy some hot #xxx pix!

After a heavy skateboard accident, I broke my left arm and leg! Got a #yellow short leg walking cast and a #blue full arm cast. Could hardly walk in this #slwc with #walkingheel and a #toeplate to protect my long toes. Never the less I had lots of fun with those casts and went out a lot with my BrokenLeg and BrokenArm in thick and heavy #fibercast being completely immobilised on my left side! I really spent a great weekend with my both limbs casted #combo and got a visit from an other caster!

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2015-09 llwc + x-pix

Had a great weekend with 2 other caster and I spent 4 days in this hughe #green #fibercast #llwc with #castshoe. During this #CastFest, one caster got a #red #DSS and #Minerva, whilst the other one had a #DLATS. You can imagine, that I was quite busy in feeding and taking care of both. What a hot and sexy weekend! The #xxx pix and videos of my little #CastFest adventure with this #llwc

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