2018-08 term slwc

My #green #term #slwc with #castshoe as #AccidentalTourist with a #brokenleg in Dublin. Spend two full weeks in Dublin, showing my #legcast to the public and having lots of exciting adventures and a couple of sexy dates, including meeting one hot caster!

07 Jan 2021: videos recovered


Some #videos of this adventure

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  • In the US, I have never seen a toeplate, so I really like the look of this one. Medically, maybe too high, but I like the green and the cast shoe. Do you ever plan to visit the US? I live on the east coast and have had an obsession with casts for many years. I have passed (1) ulnar shaft fracture and (2) scaphoid fractures past my family. (Went term each time!) After some research, I realized it is actually quite doable to fool a surgeon into thinking you have a scaphoid fracture if you respond with the correct symptoms. So, I have also passed an additional (2) “medical” scaphoid breaks past the doctors and my family. I just love the look of a fresh cast and am somehow fukced in the head to where it gets me off. Something about seeing a hot guy in a cast with an accompanying story of adventure is so hot.

    • gay-skater-caster

      yea, toeplates were popular in Germany in the past, but nowadays not anymore :o( But I love them. the toes are presented in a greatful way!!!

  • Andreas Frischmann

    Ein sehr schönes Reisetagebuch. Toller Cast und wunderschöne Zehen und schöne Beine. Passt sehr gut zusammen. Du hast echt Glück, dass jeder Gips so gut an dir aussieht.
    Mach weiter so!

  • Max Sneakcaster

    Can it be that this SLC goes higher than usual? There is less space between the cast and your knee joint, or?

    • gay-skater-caster

      Well spotted. Actually not as it should be from medical point of view. But I like it high!

  • Amazing as all your casts! Thanks for sharing it and hope you enjoy it very much.

  • Max Sneakcaster

    Enjoy your time in Dublin!!! Great cast!

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