2017 Year Review – Happy and Casted New Year

Dear fellow caster

I’d like to share my 2017 years review with all of you and I’d like to summarize this year with some facts and figures (and a video)

  • In 2017 I had 12 casts (and 3 multi-days brace events)
    • 7 SL(W)C
    • 3 LAC/LATS
    • 2 LL(W)C
  • 50% ot them on the left, 50% on the right hand side
  • This makes 141 casts in total of my cast career
  • This year, I spent 51 days in a cast
  • The result is 72 cast points, so the number of casted joints per nigh. E.g.:
    • 1 SAC for 1 night = 1 point
    • 1 SLC for 2 nights = 2 points
    • 1 LLC for 3 nights = 6 points
  • Finally, for those adventures, I’ve spent 47 rolls of fiber

Now, the only thing I can do is wish you a Marry Christmas with lots of boxes of casts under your christmas tree and of course, I also wich you a Happy and very Casted New Year!!!

And now, all that you are waiting for: the #videos!!!



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