2002-11 safs

My first rec term cast ever: a plastercast safts after “breaking” my all finger in a door. I wore it for 6 weeks at university and all my mates signed it. This was when I was infected with the rec-cast-virus… This #safs made of #fibercast in #pink — only real men wear pink! In combination with the skater style definetely an eye catcher over the weekend and lots of fun on playgrounds and in gay bars…

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2000-09 llc slc lafts

My first #combo of casts I ever did was this #llc #slc and #lafts adventure. All 3 casts were made  of good old heavy and thick #plastercast ! This was also the first time I met an other fellow caster who put me in those sexy casts and took care of me. What a great long weekend… Unfortunatelly this was long long before digital cameras became popular, so only 2 pix are available of this great sesseion.

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