• I’ve “broken” my scaphoid several times. It’s the hardest fracture to identify on x-ray and takes the longest to heal. So, have had many medical SATS casts. I love the Goretex/ Aquacast padding, but it puffs up like a marshmallow due to the heat of the fiberglass setting against the moisture inside the foam. It is super comfortable and fun for a few days, but then the foam flattens and the light adhesive layers stop holding their lamination.

    • gay-skater-caster

      I’ve tried the “normal” waterproof material several times at the cast camp. But as you say, the padding flattens quite quickly and then it gets uncomfortable.

      This cast is made of SoftCast without padding at all. Just 2 layers of (the good) stockinette and then the SoftCast. Perfect for a bath! Super short drying time and not flattening of the padding, of course.

      • (Late reply but always the same experiences, so who cares, right?)
        Interesting! I will have to try that. There is also Delta Dry and 3M “wet or dry”, so I will have to experiment and go swimming with a cloth stockinette. Again, the SATS is a very common cast for younger guys since the mechanism of injury is so common and diagnosis so vague. Every other person at my orthopedist’s is a younger man with a supposedly broken scaphoid and that same cast. I always blend right in on vacation.

        Conversely, hard casts seemingly are almost never used anymore to treat ankle fractures in adults since typically this involves plating and with hardware you typically use a boot. So I’d feel like I’d stand out with that. Same with SAC. Typically, a break to the radius or ulna will either require screw or plating in an adult with a boring thermoplastic brace after surgery.

        The SATS is very common/ blends in, yet masculine with the injury story options and just restrictive enough to feel good. Looks awesome, too, in brighter colors. I really enjoy wearing them.

        • gay-skater-caster

          Indeed, it’s sad to see, that rigid and closed casts are barely used anymore. I really love it, and I’ll continue to use it in public as much as I can!

  • sneakcaster77

    Looks awesome! How difficult was it to get the sand out of the cast?

    • gay-skater-caster

      For me it’s the perfect summer & beach cast! After 5-10 minutes of showering, most of the sand is out of the cast. But there still remains quite an amount inside the cast as you can see in one of the pix from taking off the cast. But this sand is between the layers and doesnt get in contact with the skin, so all fine.

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