2017-10 lac

Sneak preview of my #green #lac for a long weekend with party and publicking…

Day 6: Fuck, this great #armcast needs to come off today. What an exciting long weekend I spent!

Day 5: Next party outfit for my visit in a gay cruising bar. A bit more sportsware for my #brokenarm


Day 4: #brokenarm goes classic: visiting a great show at the theater with my #armcast

Day 3: My party outfit. Lets get ready for publicking in my #armcast

Day 2: Green day! Preparing for party tonight… No, wont be orange, wont be halloween. Will be my green #brokenarm

Day 1: Freshly applied #armcast with a sling to carry it and a refreshing beer!


  • I like the long cast, but I think you should go through the “proper treatment”. You could go a few weeks in the LAC, then put on a backslab and ace bandage in a sling as if you had surgery, then another couple months of different SAC’s. That way, it would be understandable to be in so many different casts for so long for the same “injury”.

  • Love the outfit of day 5 – great tube sox!!!

  • Andreas Frischmann

    Sieht super aus.

  • Sehr, sehr geil.

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