2017-01 slwc

The year 2017 starts with a broken leg in a #green cast! What a great beginning… Its winter, it has snown and I go out for a walk in this #slwc. The #castshoe protects my toes from getting wet and I’ve got to wear a sock over my #fibercast to keep my foot warm. But in the end, I take a hot bath and hold my casted #brokenLeg up!

18 Mar 2018: video added

The Videos

The #video section

Publicking with my Short Leg Walking Cast

A Walk in the Park with a Leg Cast

Winter-Walk in a Leg Cast

Broken Leg Bath

Having a Bath with a Broken Leg in a Leg Cast

Outside Walk with a Walking Leg Cast

Walking through the Snow with a Walking Leg Cast

Close-Up of my Leg Cast

Castshoe in Action on my Led Cast

Close-Up Video of my Broken Leg in a Walking Cast

Through the Neighbourhood in a Walking Cast

Walkout in my Walking Cast

Walking Down the Street in a Leg Cast and Tube Sox

Waling Through the Snow with my Walking Cast

My broken ankle in a green short leg cast



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