2015-08 slwc

I went on holiday with my broken leg put in a #camouflage #fibercast . It was a short leg walking cast with a special walkingheel to take off from #Helmü. It was a really great feeling to walk in Switzerland with this strange colored #slwc and people were staring at me!

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  • Mann, da sind ja super geniale Bilder dabei. Komm wir fahren gleich nochmal los. Jetzt mußt Du aber Deine Skier mitnehmen. Es war so schön mit Dir….

    • gay-skater-caster

      Ja, es war wirklich toll! Aber im Winter kann ich den Cast gar nicht so schön zeigen. Dann lieber im Sommer da hin…

  • tilman-phillip

    That walking heel looks absolutely gorgeous! Is it a Helmue Gehbuegel? I like it when you can change between a short leg cast and a short leg walking cast. Crutches can be a bother but they feel great at times.

    • gay-skater-caster

      yea, correct. Its a Helmü Gehbügel. But not available anymore. What a shame, its a great invention!

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