2013-04 slc

A cast made of #SoftCast worn for a week on a trip visiting a good friend in southern Germany for his birthday… Was a pretty nice adventure on #crutches in this #red #slc.

29 Jun 2017: video added

The Pix

The Videos

Toes out of my Cast

Broken Leg on Crutches

Cruchting Through the City with a Broken Leg in a Cast

Crutching Down the Street

Close-Up on my Broken Leg in a Cast

One Sneaker and One Cast

On Crutches with a Leg Cast

Removing my Leg Cast

Crutching through the City with a Broken Leg in a Cast

Close-up View of My Leg Cast

Broken Leg in a Cast with Adidas Top10 Sneax

Toes and Sneax Close-Up with a Broken Leg

#video of my Leg Cast, Sk8erboy Tube Sox and Sneax

The X-Pix

2013-04 slc – xxx


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