2011-04 term slwc

Find new pix of my #term cast adventure from 2011 on my hompage. I did a 3 months term cast with 6 weeks on #crutches with the first cast and afterwards another 6 weeks with this #green #fibercast #slwc. To protect my toes, this cast got a #toeplate and a nice big fat #walkingheel to walk on.

05 Jun 2017: video added

The Videos

Gay Toes Stiching out of the Cast

Broken Leg in a Leg Cast on a Sun Bed

Toes Wiggeling out of my Leg Cast

#Video of my Broken Leg at Sunset

Broken Leg Cast Close-up

Close-Up of my Casted Broken Leg with Toe Plate

Posing in my Broken Leg

Wigglink Toes on a Toeplate of a Short Leg Cast

Ship cruise to work with a leg cast

The X-Pix

2011-04 term slwc – xxx


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