2008-01 dslwc dlats

All 4 limbs broken! Both arms broken! Both legs broken! All in cast! 2 arm casts and 2 leg casts! What a great adventure in the #blue #fibercast #dlats and #dslwc. Unfortunatelly, I havn’t had a wheelchair, but I was able to walk with a #castshoe on each leg cast.



  • This is a really cool cast combo. It was great walking around in so much cast. And you wore the cast for a long time, I think that’s really great. The longest I’ve been in a cast was four days, but eight days, wow. I usually wear the cast for two to three days. At some point I’ll try to wear the cast for that long. Just a great cast set.

  • Jonathan Knudsen

    I am considering a term adventure with 2 SLC/SLWC casts. What is the longest you have worn duel SLC’s?

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