2018-01 llc

Sneak preview of my new years cast: a #blue #LLC with crutches

Day 6: accidental tourist with #legcast and #crutches… Guess where!

Day 5: heading for the next destination via train in my huge #brokenleg and #crutches

Day 4: guess where I went in my #legcast

Day 3: Driving to my cast mate by bus in the huge #cast and #crutches

Day 2: #Wheelchair quicky with my #legcast so save the #crutches

Day 1: resting up my freshly casted leg with my colored #crutches


  • Andreas Frischmann

    Wenn ich in dem Bus gesessen hätte, dann könnte ich nicht wegschauen, da ich deinen Llc echt schön finde. Hab viel Spaß bei dem Cast Wochenende.

  • Du solltest deine schönen Zehen bei dem Wetter wirklich mit dem dicken weiss schwarzen Fleecesock wärmen 😉

  • jasperordrup

    What a great idea to use a wheelchair. Hopefully you show us more pictures of you in the chair 😉

    • gay-skater-caster

      Sorry, just took a couple of pix, since it is not my W/C. But some more will come, for sure!

  • Woofff .. wish I could have played between those legs :p

  • Da würde jetzt hervorragend die flauschigen Fleecesocks zu passen 😉

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