2014-03 slwc

Broken leg casted in a thick #fibercast for a long time! This shiny spring #yellow #slwc with #toeplate and big fat #walkingheel was a really great adventure! Enjoyed the spring sun, publicked a lot and enjoyed myself and my cast with a cozy #blue terrycloth padding!

11 Jul 2017: video added

The Pix

The Videos

#Download full length video: https://payhip.com/b/nTEC

Walking Cast in Action

Broken Leg in a Walking Cast

A Walk with my Broken Leg in a Walking Cast

Broken Leg Walking Cast with WalkingHeel and ToePlate

Walking with my Walking Cast

Close-up view of my Leg Cast with Toeplate and Walkingheel

Enjoying the Perfect View of my Walking Cast

Walking Cast live on Webcam

Live boradcast #video summary of my yellow #fibercast #slwc with #toeplate and #walkingheel. Worn for a long sunny spring weekend in Hamburg! I really enjoyed the sun and walk around outside in short skater-pants!




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