2003-02 aircast walker

A sunday walk with an #aircast #walker #brace through the park. And of course I did some stupid things with the camwalker…

02 Feb 2021: videos recovered

The Videos

Some #videos of this adventure

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  • I really love your videos. So so good. Love it. Just one request, you should show more socked feet on the ones where your don’t have a cast. Just like crew socks, or soccer, baseball, or like elites and socks like that. But I really love the new video with the air cast boot. And are these videos of you?
    If you have an Instagram follow me @Asocksx it’s a socket fetish account.

    • gay-skater-caster

      Hey, glad you like this video! Its really old, from 2003! I hope, my new ones are better in quality… And yes, I’m into sox, too, so for sure, I’ll do some stuff with that aswell!

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