2010-01 sss – PLUS

A big fat #black #fibercast #sss worn during the #CastCamp in Denmark! What a hot and sexy restrictive cast! Had really lots of fun it it. Went into the sauna, into the whirlpool and in the end real big fun on the slide into the pool! My boys in Denmark did a really good job in wrapping me!

The Videos

Morning Care with a Shoulder Cast

Swimming in my Shoulder Cast

Putting on a Tube Sock with a Shoulder Cast

Left-Hand Toothbrushing with Right Shoulder Casted

How to Wash in a Shoulder Cast

Washing in a Shoulder Cast

Putting on the Sox with a Shoulder in a Cast

#Video with me trying to put on Tube Sox with a Shoulder Cast

Outside Captures in the Snow with my Casted Shoulder

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